billing faq
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Your home club should be able to help with any questions related to your membership or billing. Make sure you stop by or call during staffed hours for best assistance.

The online member portal is where you can view any upcoming appointments, update your billing information, and pay/view any invoices. (As of right now, you cannot cancel or freeze your membership from your online portal).

For an easy way to check billing or account information click here.

To obtain your username and password (separate from your app log-in credentials), please contact your Avolve Fitness home club. They will send you a portal login email.

Annual fees are billed once each year.

Your annual fee billing date is typically the 15th day of the month following sign up. A Member Services representative from your Avolve Fitness home club can help you determine when your annual fee date is.

We understand your membership needs to be flexible.

Accounts may be frozen or put on hold if you cannot use the club for any reason. Any team member at your Avolve Fitness home club can assist with freezing your membership for up to 120 days, at a rate of $5 per month.

* Note that if your Annual Fee is scheduled within the freeze timeframe, you may still be billed for the entire amount.

There are only two (2) acceptable methods of cancelling your membership:

1) Via certified mail.  You can simply mail a letter to your nearest Avolve Fitness location indicating your desire to cancel your membership.  You should include your full name, phone number, address and your signature in the letter.  We will process your cancellation as soon as we receive your letter.

2) In person at any of our Avolve Fitness locations.  If you choose to come in person you will be asked to sign a cancellation notice.

Avolve Fitness requires one additional month of membership dues. The member will have access to the club from the date that the cancellation notice is presented through the end of the following month.